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here's my thought:

You should never be able to buy your spot in a MAJOR - ever! So here's my thoughts on how to make majors & qualifiers for them. I will be focusing on 1 Major in the below analysis and im not going into details about ALGS points and what you can do with them etc...

So, the problem with the next Major in March is first of all that there will be 100 teams going and as all you know most of them will have to pay the travels/lodging themselves. some teams that qualified ended up not going because they can't afford it and that should not ever happen imo - all travels and lodging MUST be paid by EA/Respawn (there is no debate on this one)
but that means 300 players - which is impossible for EA to pay all them (we're talking around another 450k here; 1.5k approximate per player). so the solution for that would be that the OFFLINE events should have 40 TEAMS ONLY - 120 players (180k still a lot true but that's only 40%)

I'm not going into how the 40 teams are split between the regions available - that's something 'trivial' to the bigger problem. With 40 teams in the Offline event, you will need to end up bottom 10 in 2 games to be eliminated so you will have:

Game 1 & Game 2 of which the Top 10 of each game will go to the Winners Bracket Final.
Bottom 10 of each game will go to the Elimination Bracket Final.

The bottom 10 from the Elimination Bracket Final will be eliminated.
The top 10 will play in the Losers Bracket Final.

The bottom 10 from the Winners Bracekt final will play in the Losers Bracket Final.
The top 10 from the Winners Bracket Final will go to the Grand Final.

The top 10 from the Losers Bracket Final will advance to the Grand Final.
The bottom 10 will be eliminated.

Grand Final is played and all these teams will get a prize

Only the first two games will be based on 5 rounds while the rest of the games will be played on 7 games. The Grand Final format as is is good.

Qualifiers; to keep in short:
- Max 320 teams
- min rank Diamond 4
- 7 rounds per game
- games spread out over several days

Round 320 - saturday
Round 160 - sunday
Round 80 (QFs) - saturday
Round 40 (SFs) - sunday
Final - sunday

what do you think? have your say 😉
Posted on: 2020-02-15 20:15


i have no problem with people paying for the open stage bracket because it is a open bracket it isnt the playoff bracket where top 5 or top 1 teams of certain regions qualified.
This is a business and Apex Legends is catering to the mainstream fan not the competitive player and its good because the mainstream fan will pay for their own flights and buy apex products.

why would apex fund travel and hotel for every single team , That is nonsense shen you have mainstream fans willing to pay fir their iwn flights.

ritehero Posted on: 2020-02-16 03:56
apex legends caters for mainstream plaeyrs through skins - mainstream casual players just want to have fun playing the game and looks nice in a skin or invent new modes like duos/solos/soiree event

they cater for competitive players through major tournaments. you cannot mix them both together. competitive players just want to be named they were the best at a point in time
hex4 Posted on: 2020-02-16 10:33
its the open stage of the bracket, people are paying for. not the playoff bracket that the top teams qualified for. if your team is nice, you should win the open stage with no problems and move on to the next round.
ritehero Posted on: 2020-02-16 20:03

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