Map Rotations during a Best of Series Posted by Kano

Since I've seen this utilized in PUBG quite a lot, I'd wonder what the feelings are about having a rotation of maps in a Best of Series. (For example Bo5 Games, First 2 Maps Worlds Edge, Last 2 Maps Kings Canyon). How do you think this would influence how a series would be played? And would it be beneficial to see a format like this at the moment?
Posted on: 2020-03-25 09:30


That is not the way I expected the phrase "map rotations" to be used but honestly it's a great idea and it's been implemented well in PUBG. Furthermore I don't think we have a clear frontrunner for the most competitive map out of WE and KC. While I think most people have been warming to WE as the more balanced competitive map, there was a surprisingly (to me) large outcry when OT#3 was announced to be played on WE, so there's still a lot of love for KC. For the current 4 game rounds format with 5 in the finals, it would probably be best to have the first 2 games be WE, last 2 KC, and extend finals to 6 games, with the same split of 3WE/3KC. Just want to see the dinos again :(
EMEF Posted on: 2020-03-26 04:33
Just wrote this in a twitter comment somewhere few days ago - Ranked wise WE is way better no doubt about that - loot & 3rd parties wise.

but when it comes to competitive, since we all know how things go down there I don't think KC & WE would make much difference. Still think that KC should have its loot upped a bit - too much useless white stuff around.

Would be nice to see this going in future tournaments. Imagine if we have more maps; with the ability for teams to drop the maps they don't want to play before the game and the most picked maps are played 😄
hex4 Posted on: 2020-03-26 23:42

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