Clique Esports confirm their lineup for next Major

written by hex4 7 months ago

Clique Esports has just announced two new players that will join Jamie 'Paradox' Hall to the next Major in Arlington Texas happening on the 13th of March. Taxi and Lukas 'Baker' Becker are the two new players joining the UK based organisation that will be heading to Texas next month.

Both Taxi and Baker have participated in the ALGS Major European Qualifiers under two separate teams while Clique Esports participated in the same qualifiers with Oxbow, Paradox and Brynn. With the old lineup Clique Esports were out of the Qualifiers after Round 3. 2 weeks ago Clique Esports announced that Oxbow and Brynn were being removed from their lineup.

Clique Esports managed to gain a spot at the Open Stage of the Major thanks to the passes available for those teams that couldn't make it from the Qualifiers. Other teams like NRG and Complexity also made it through to the Open Stage of the Major from the same passes.

With that said, the new line up of Clique Esports is:

  • Jamie 'Paradox' Hall
  • Svend-Erik 'Taxi' H√łegh
  • Lukas 'Baker' Becker

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