EA suspends all live competitive events indefinitely

written by BeanAnalysis 6 months ago

Today the 3rd of March, 2020, EA announced that they would be cancelling all live events indefinitely due to the growing concerns of COVID-19. The disease which is also known as CoronaVirus has been making waves in the Esports world as many events have been regulated or completely shut down due to the international pandemic.

“This is an unprecedented time. With so many changes happening around the world to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, we are now announcing that we’re suspending all live events for EA’s competitive gaming series…” -EA (Electronic Arts)

The effects on the competitive scene of Apex Legends is no doubt creating tension after the cancellation of the Texas Major, and it seems like things will only be getting worse as more events across all games will be cancelled in relation to EA. Many are praising the company for being proactive in making sure all parties are taken care of in this time of worry and confusion.

“Our priority is protecting our competitors, our employees, our partner’s employees and our communities.” -EA (Electronic Arts)

Echoing the words of the publishers of Apex Legends, the team at apexnews.gg want to let you know that we are behind this community. You all are in our thoughts as we face this together. Each and everyone of us have friends and family that are being affected by this horrible disease. So let’s make sure we are facing it together as one big family, making sure that we are staying safe throughout the next few months.

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