GODSENT announce North American Apex Legends Roster

written by BeanAnalysis 8 months ago

Another organization has entered the Apex Legends competitive scene with a fresh roster in the North American region. GODSENT announced on March 29th, 2020 that they would be participating in the ALGS after signing a solid free agent squad.

The new roster will consist of the free agent squad that was known as “Team Stinky”. This includes the players, Jason “MOOMAN” Patterson, Andre “Cubski” Enriquez, and Chris “Hierarchy” Lovstad. The team had qualified for the now postponed Arlington Major in Texas. They also took 15th in the most recent Online Tournament #2. With plenty of competitive experience, as well as a roster that is filled to the brim with talent, the team is sure to prove why it was signed by such a solid organization.

Godsent being just one of the many new organizations entering into the Apex competitive scene is a positive sign for the competitive community. It also doesn’t look like it is showing any signs of calming down. The future's looking brighter and brighter as we continue through the first year of the Apex Legends Global Series.

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