Rebel Esports bring on Texas qualified roster

written by hex4 7 months ago

Earlier today, the organization known as Rebel Esports announced the signing of a brand new roster for Apex Legends. The fresh roster consists of Sickks, Knitehawk, and moepork.

The team qualified for Texas under the name MSK in January. The team placed 16th in the Final and obtained 1,020 ALGS points. This was good enough to land them a roster spot on the up and coming team Rebel Esports.

The following are the results that they obtained during the ALGS Online Qualifier for the Texas Major:

  • 1st in Round 1 with one game won and 18 points difference from 2nd squad
  • 5th in Round 2 with a 4th place in game 2
  • 8th in Quarter Finals
  • 10th in Semi Final
  • 16th in Final

11 out of 20 teams were considered "free agent rosters" in the ALGS qualifier. Landing a spot on with an organization means that they will have funding going into the Major; that reduces the overall pressure on the trio greatly. Hopefully the young roster can put on a show for the rest of the world and prove themselves worthy of that roster spot.

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