Team Liquid step up to dethrone the kings

written by BeanAnalysis 5 months ago

After a long drought of what many thought would never be the end of TSM tournament domination, Team Liquid decided to take the weight onto their shoulders as they secured the win for the North American Online tournament #3. It was a heated battle, but as the dust settled, only Team Liquid was atop the podium.

Team Liquid, which consists of Thomas “Flanker” Cook, Brendan “Casper” Marino, and Brandon “oh Nocturnal” Singer were the chosen ones to take the mantle away from TSM. They placed 2nd in three out of five games, and secured the 1st place spot in the fifth game to make sure the points were in their favor. They also had a decent spread of kills with 31 total kills in the tournament which was 5 more kills than the second place team.

Team Liquid, or more specifically, Team Liquid Blue was a team you could consistently see in the top 10 of each tournament. But as Flanker says, they “stuck together through a lot of stuff, got better every tournament, and it finally paid off after all the hard work we put in as a team.” Not only are they the first North American team to take down TSM, they are the first international team to take the crown away from them. It comes as no surprise that they are equally happy as they are overwhelmed about the whole situation.

With one more tournament happening in April, and two tournaments taking place in May, competition is bound to spark rivalries as more teams throw their hat into the ring of the ALGS. After seeing that TSM can, in fact bleed, will they be able to make a comeback after their first loss? Or is this the start of a new dynasty from Team Liquid?

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