Third Impact announce the arrival of two new coaches

written by BeanAnalysis 6 months ago

The organization known as Third Impact announced today, March 16th, 2020 that they would be bringing on two new coaches to help guide their two squad roster in Apex Legends. Decapitare and Weezal will be the coaching duo that takes the reigns of the young and talented rosters

Decapitare was signed specifically for mental and player development. This is a rising trend from Esports orgs across the globe as the competitive community begins to know more of the importance of health and wellness of players. Decapitare is a French coach and has helped teams like Aequilibritas E-Sports recently.

Weezal will be taking over as the head coach and analyst for the team. Another French coach who has worked closely with Third Impact before, when he partnered with the player who is currently on the active Third Impact Purple roster known as Fokarn. Quite a bit of the community overlooks the importance of having an analyst on their team to help draw attention to important statistics that can benefit the teams in-game.

As we approach this lull in competitive Esports across the globe, it’s exciting to see that there is still some positive news to report concerning the Apex Competitive scene. The additions of Weezal and Decapitare are sure to be beneficial as we approach the ongoing online events that will be coming up soon!

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